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February 28 2015


A Frozen Drink Machine Makes a Memorable Party

Frozen drink Machine
When you have a lot of parties, you probably have your whole routine down. There is an decorations, the cocktail napkins, and you can make thirty different appetizers off of the top of your head. Maybe you're starting to wonder what you can do to get your party to another level.

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One idea is to enlist the help of a frozen drink machine. If you're making drinks using a blender, they probably aren't as good as they could be. That's because blenders aren't really built to make drinks that have ice. While blenders are capable of chopping ice, chopped ice tends to make a crunchy drink that will hurt your teeth. Tries to chop the ice smaller usually bring about water rather than ice. Slush machines solve this concern by shaving the ice therefore it is perfectly smooth and just the right consistency to sip via a straw.

You can make all sorts of drinks in these machines. Have you ever wanted to get a smooth margarita like those purchased at your favorite restaurant, this is one way to replicate it in your house. You can also make daiquiris, mudslides, rum runners... heaven is the limit. These machines can be used to create any frozen drink friends and family request. They can also make wonderful after-dinner drinks like coffee blended with ice and kahlua.

One thing you can do to set your party apart is create a signature frozen cocktail. If your party has a theme, attempt to think of something that ties in it. Give your cocktail a smart name and try out a couple of ideas before the big night. Get creative and blend together different alcohols and mixers until you come up with something that is basically unique.

These machines are pretty easy to operate so you do not have to spend your party fumbling around with buttons. You can fill everything in advance and you then only need to push the button to dispense that coffee, which is easy enough even with your fourth cocktail. Several are usually dishwasher safe and that means you don't have to wake up with a kitchen full of dirty equipment. Cleanup is usually just a matter of wiping around the front of the machine and tossing the various into the dishwasher.

Following the party, you can still find a good amount of use for these machines, particularly if have children. Kids love slushy drinks, especially with a hot day. It is good for a birthday party also. You can let the kids choose flavors they enjoy and whip up drinks made out of ice and veggie juice or fruit syrups. It is a refreshing treat for a pool party as well.

If you do entertain a good deal, frozen drink machines are a worthwhile investment. Shiny things cost around the same price as a good blender however they produce a much better drink. Some models even dispense several unique drinks at once. It becomes an indispensable tool for a summer full of entertainment and fun. There are numerous drinks you can make and customize.

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